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Panama Jack
Oct 29, 2007 - 6:32 pm
Title: The House

It's time to come clean...

There has been another reason why it has taken so long for me to finish and upload the new probe code to the main game.

Over the past week I have been stressing out about buying a house.  I have been looking for over a year now and finally found a small 3 bedroom ranch style home with one car garage and back deck.  During the past week I have been stressing out about the house.  I signed a contract a week ago and some things came up during the inspection that concerned me and I started worrying that the house was too small along with many other things.  I worried about this being the right thing to do.

The house is a definite fixer-upper.  I mean a BIG fixer-upper...  a big, big, BIG fixer-upper.  The cost of remodeling the place with my limited funds was driving me around the bend.  It has been hard to concentrate on anything.  There were three nights in a row that I could barely sleep.  Speaking of being wired to the point of collapse.  I finally sat down with a home design program and entered in the entire floor-plan of the house and started laying out designs for the different rooms.  This was exactly what I needed.  It tamped down my fears over the size of the house as most of the rooms were about the same size as my current place.  The bathroom was half the size but the kitchen/dining room is bigger.  After spending almost 7 hours futzing with the design program I decided I was doing the right thing even with the work that would be involved.  I had my first good nights sleep after that in a week and crashed for 10 straight hours.

Well, today I finished signing all of the paperwork and the money will be sent tomorrow and the house will be mine.


Now it will become an adventure to remember because every room is going to get a complete make over.  I will be building a utility room in the back of the garage off the kitchen.  The washer and dryer will be located there as the house has them in the kitchen for some silly reason.  I will try to make the utility room large enough to move the water heater and central air into from the old room by the bathroom.  Then I can eventually enlarge the bathroom to double it's current size.

The kitchen/dining room is going to get a complete makeover with exterior french doors going to the deck, new cabinets and tile flooring.  The three bedrooms had carpet covering some nice hardwood flooring.  Whoever decided to put carpet in there should be beaten with a stick.  Those floors will be refinished.

The living room never had hardwood so I am going to put in a nice berber carpet with thick padding.  The front door will be replaced with one of those nice oval glass steal doors.  I will also be installing recessed lighting in the kitchen, living-room and hallway.  New ceiling fans in every room.

I will also be replacing all 8 windows with new thermal windows and installing a garage door opener.

I will be taking pictures of what the interior looks like now, everyone will be horrified, and after the remodeling work is finished.  I will post them to the blog so everyone can see what I meant by horrifying.  Hopefully I won't screw this up too much.

This also means I need to get the probe code finished and 0.31 released ASAP because I am not going to have much time for programming over the next 4-6 weeks.  We don't want to delay the 0.31 release that long.

The above just gives you a rough outline of what is going to be done.  It doesn't include all of the patching, drywall and painting that is going to be done throughout the house.  I would like to get it done in 6 weeks but I may be overly optimistic.  It would be nice to get moved in before the first of the year.

There you go...

That's why things have been a little weird about the probe code release.

Posted Oct 29, 2007 - 6:32 pm

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