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Panama Jack
Mar 22, 2008 - 10:50 pm
Title: Here is what my house used to look like...

It has been many months since I have posted a blog because I have been very, very busy working on the house I posted about in my last blog.  I said I was going to post pictures of the house and never got around to it.  So I have finally decided to let everyone see the BEGINNING pictures of my money pit.

These are pictures of what the inside of the house looked like when I bought it.  The previous owner went through and completely trashed the house breaking out windows and putting holes in the walls.  There was even a 6+ month water leak in the kitchen that completely destroyed the underlayment and part of the sub-floor.  Some idiot had cut off a water valve and then CRIMPED the copper tubing and water just continually seeped out of soaking the particleboard underlayment for over six months.  So you can imagine how BAD the floor was by the time I bought the house.

Brace yourselves for a horrifying trip through the house of doom!

This picture is while in the living room looking toward the front door.  Yes, that is a poorly installed, ancient track light.  It wasn't even installed over the wire box but to the side of it and for some reason they screwed a block of wood to the ceiling.  Never could figure out why they did that one.

This is the same area of the living room but looking at the wall.  You can see one of the holes the previous owner put in the wall.  I have also replaced the front door with with a nice metal door with an oval leaded glass in the middle.

This is looking out the front window in the living room.  The house had OLD metal windows that weren't much better than putting up a screen.  You could feel air moving around every window in the house.  Some you could see daylight around the edges.  Every window has since been replaced with energy efficient windows.

This is looking into the living room from the hallway.  You can see that the previous owner was a heavy smoker and they apparently did all of their cooking in oil because some of those stains are from oil build up over the years.

This is looking down the hallway from the living room.  The room at the end of the hall is going to be my computer room.

This is looking at the entrance to the hallway from the living room.  You can see all of the white patches on the wall where the previous owner tried to patch the wall.  The previous owner was a complete dill hole when it came to patching holes.  Instead of covering the hole with a wall patch he filled the hole with newspaper and then covered it with spackle.  There were many places where they even used DUCT TAPE to cover a hole and then put spackle over the duct tape.

This is a view of the dining room from the living room you can see one of the bigger holes the previous owner put in the wall.  There is another indentation you can't see to the lower right of that hole.

This is the glorious kitchen from hell.  The floor all around the cabinets upto 5 feet from the wall was soaked in water from the 6+ month water leak.  All of the cabinets and all of the sheet rock has been ripped out.  You should have been there when Tarnus and Max Headroom were helping me rip out those cabinets.  It was site to see.  Max is a tall guy and it was little scary watching him swinging this large pick-axe at the cabinets.  It was almost like a horror movie in the making.   Tarnus has some pictures of what we did on his cellphone.  Maybe he will let everyone see them some day.  (hint)(hint)

This is looking at the dining room from the living room.  The nasty assed divider you see between the living room and dining room is GONE!  It opened up both rooms and made them look a lot larger.  Why anyone would want to put an ugly thing like that up is beyond me.

This is looking at the patio doors from the kitchen.  Those doors had the glass smashed out of them by the previous owner when he went on his rampage.  And the stupid thing about those doors are how they were INTERIOR French Doors that someone decided to use as exterior patio doors.   Because of this they were of an odd size.  I had to fill in 3 inch gaps around the new patio doors when I installed them.

This is looking at the west side of the kitchen where the stove used to be.  All of that including the sheet rock was ripped out by the demo team from hell.

These two images are of the front bedroom.  It's a little on the small side and surprisingly it escaped much of the previous owners destruction.  About the only thing that was damaged in that room were the doors.  I have removed every single door in the house and they are being replaced with new six panel doors.

This is the back bedroom.  It only had a couple of small holes from door knobs hitting the walls that needed fixing.  The nasty thing was the ugly-assed GREEN carpet they had covering a HARDWOOD FLOOR.  All three bedrooms had hardwood flooring and some idiot covered them up with ugly carpet.  The floors in all three bedrooms will be refinished and they will never see carpet.

This is the third bedroom or the computer room.  The previous owner had put up all new sheet rock in this room and never finished it.

This is looking down the hallway to the living room from the computer room.

This is looking into the garage.  All of the shelves and table were ripped out by the demo team from hell.  We all had a blast beating the crap out of those shelves.   The table was a heavy full metal door and weighed a ton.  The back end of the garage is going to be shortened by about 6.5 feet for the addition of a utility room for the washer, dryer, new hot water tank and new furnace.

So, as you can see the house was a massive disaster and it has taken all of my free time.  I will be taking pictures of the ALMOST finished product in a couple of weeks so everyone can see how much work has been done on the interior.   I wanted everyone to know why I haven't been working on the game as much as I want.

There is also a nice covered deck beyond the patio doors and with my wireless router and laptop I will be spending most of my time outside.  Plus there are 4 nice shade trees in the backyard to keep it cool in the summer.

Hope you enjoyed the horrifying trip though my money pit.

Posted Mar 22, 2008 - 10:50 pm

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